Interactive installation (2019)


Interactive installation
2019 – Prisma festival, Aveiro, Portugal
2020 – Vary Září festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep.
2020 – Prisma festival, Aveiro, Portugal
2021 – Tajuplný les exhibition, Plzeň, Czech Rep.
2022 – Expo 2020, Dubaj, UAE 
Grow is an interactive light installation, which roots into space and grows into a branched digital mycelium as the audience involves with it. Set environment reacts to an audience members who thus become performers and co-creators of their very own concert. Synthetic structure transforms the organic mass into symbiotic form as the music evolves. With every beat the landscape lights up in resonance. It slowly rises above performers’ horizon and brings unique experience to them and other audience members alike. Grow brings a haptic experence. Piano or a RFID sequencer allows players to take objects and transforms them into variety of modulated sounds and reactive visuals.


Grow was first presented at Prisma light festival in Aveiro, where piano was used as input device. Second iteration works with a series of eight RFID sensors. These react to objects and present an oportunity to play music without necessarily mastering any musical instrument. Moreover, more than one player can play at the same time. Being fully scalable and extremely versatile it is possible to adapt Grow into any give space and environment.