Luboš Zbranek

I’m a 3D artist, VJ, video and light designer. While studying Theory interactive media on Masaryk University, I extend my interests in building interactive environments (either on stage or for public) and broader exploration of human-machine, human-code and human-artificial relationships. These allow me to transfer artistic ideas via playfull way, and let recipients experience it via enjoyment and as more suggestive. At the same time building my own multimedia tools enlarges possibilities that are not offered by default and could be shared as open-source with others (eg. long-term project Walrus).

Further studies of light design on Janaček Academy of Performing Arts adds another level of artistic possibilities of light design, light art and performativity. I visually adjust lot of events from Brno’s techno and EDM scene and as a VJ or LED-VJ perform live in Brno, Prague, Dresden in various clubs and festivals. My work in theatre tends to combine nontraditional media with performing arts, build interactive environments on stage and technologically extend theatre itself. As a light and video designer I made performances and installations in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg etc.

Since high school I advanced my personals skills in architecture visualisation and 3d. Continuous work (9 years) for MISS3 studio and Visualarch gain me enough expirience (over 2000 pictures) to successfully finish projects for clients like e.g. Zaha Hadid, Asymptote, Querkraft and many others.

In 2020 we started a studio Emanade as a comercialization of long-term exploration and experience in a field of interactivity, work with digital LEDs and light design in general. Artistically I closely cooperated with Michal Mitro as The Manifesto. I’m part of international project Stella for mapping and supporting dance&technology fusions, for live events is often my mate Meass.