Volumetric AV Installation (2023)

Lubos Zbranek, Lukáš Dřevjaný, Michal Mitro, David Minařík
Installation – spatial volumetric display
in cooperation with Signal Festival and PrusaLab

2023 – Signal Festival
Nexus is a modular light object inspired by a living organism. The model illuminates itself, but also its immediate surroundings. The installation works with the idea of organic vegetation. It works as a solitaire and as an element in a larger system. The potential lies in the variability of its creative use. It can be a light sculpture, an audiovisual site-specific work and an interactive digital environment that viewers can freely navigate through.
The individual modules are made of Plexiglas, which distributes light across the surface of the object. Programming, visualization and clearance is accomplished through software that can also generate a functional prescription for the installation’s construction and individual connections. The shape of the installation can be generated procedurally. Content is generated as 3d volumetric animation.